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You may be wondering if therapy or coaching can help you feel better or help you find a path that works better than the one you’re on now.

With someone with whom you feel comfortable, hopeful and understood, the answer is often ‘yes’. Whether the challenge is with your sense of yourself, your interactions with others or your wish to realize long held dreams – exploring it in the presence of a caring other can be an essential step in moving forward.

I encourage you to contact me if it feels like this is your next step.

I’m a psychotherapist and coach.

As a coach I support people in building stronger, more intimate relationships.

I help them tap the resources of mindfulness and meditation to live with more presence and contentment; and I help folks explore themselves and their deepest longings and values to create inspired, meaning-driven lives.

As a therapist I help people heal from trauma, depression and anxiety and create a new story for themselves and their future.

Certified in Internal Family Systems and as a coach through Mentor Coach, I’m seriously into meditation and spirituality. I hold a certificate in Meditation and Psychotherapy (Harvard affiliated) and also have four years training in earth based spirituality practice. My couples training includes, Gottman, Intimacy from the Inside Out (IFS based), some Sue Johnson EFT training and tons of workshops, webinars and study on relationship, attachment and healing from trauma and attachment wounds.

“Love is my boss.”
Through my own healing journey I’ve discovered that I have the privilege of working for love, whether that is healing the wounds that make it difficult to love or cultivating the skills that help love thrive. I have the great honor of facilitating the return to love between individuals and themselves, and also between individuals and those they love. For the privilege of this work I am deeply grateful. I would be honored to support you in your journey back to love, health and happiness, if that is your next step.

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.

Amanda Peacock,

My Approach to Therapy & Coaching
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